Strategic services

A strategy is a designed action for the single purpose of accomplishing goals. At Insomnia Middle East, our thinking process is defined by your measure of success. To reach those goals, we leverage a combination of our technical and creative skills that spans the globe. In doing so, we are able to provide diverse concepts through our IDEA process, delivering a strategy that will get you the results.


Know who your audience is; know who you are, know where you stand. Need a little help narrowing your focus and defining your goals? At Insomnia Middle EAst, no project is started blindly – we do the research for you, analyzing the industry and determining the best definition of success for your professional objectives.

Social Media

Social Media is a means of creating a personal, emotional connection between you and your consumers. By establishing a common ground and relationship in which your voice and theirs become one – Social Media has the power to make your consumers brand champions. At Insomnia Middle East, we offer a range of services from Account Management to Growth Strategies and Content Creation.


User Experience Design (UX) is the way in which people are able to navigate through your digital solutions. UX is the most critical factor for fulfillment of their purpose for visiting your site. At Insomnia Middle East we implement UX to create a smooth, seamless experience in which users are able to easily find what they’re looking for, and accomplish what they came to your site to do

Brand strategy

Brand Strategy is defining what you want to become and where you want to be. Just as Brand Identity focuses on who you are, Brand Strategy is the plan for the future. At Insomnia Middle East, we understand that Brand Strategy is crucial to keep all aspects of your business goals and objectives moving forward.