Development services

Technology development innovation is our strength. we specialize in generating ideas, and have the force and technical backbone to carry them out. We leverage our marketing and technology knowledge, blending insight and creativity to help solve business initiatives. From developing mobile apps to multi device compatible solutions to handling Enterprise platform integrations – we build solutions to meet the needs of your business today and in the future. If the technology isn’t available on the market – in some cases, we create it.


From conceptualization, building, delivery and maintenance for web services and applications – at Insomnia Middle East we offer web services during all stages of existence. Not only have we built sites from the ground up, our Programming and Technical teams are digital wizards, and can create dynamic, interactive platforms that are optimized for SEO, UX, and UI – all in an innovative package of High Performance, Mobile friendly and Creative Design. Your website is often your potential client’s first impression of your business, make it count. And we’ll be there along the way, helping you to build, manage, and maintain.


From conceptualization to building, delivery, and maintenance for all platforms including Apple, Android and windows mobile apps – Insomnia Middle East has the smarter solution. Our Mobile Apps are created for a seamless user experience, and our brilliant team of Technology experts are continually exploring new and innovative applications to keep your platform on the cusp of the latest in technology. After initial design, our applications are put through a rigorous compatibility testing and certification to ensure it will surpass all standards immediately from activation.


As an experienced virtual reality agency we will produce a seamless VR video that delivers an immersive, memorable experience for your viewers, compelling them to take action and engage with your brand – be it online via their mobile phone or at an event using a VR headset. Creating good 360° video content or animation is no small feat and getting it right is our job to do. With  in-depth knowledge of camera gear, editing processes and specific distribution channels we are here to support your marketing activities.


AR in simplest of words is the enhancement made to some elements such as picture, sound, GPS data and motion etc. to elevate the attractiveness and details associated with a view for making the surroundings highly interactive and digitally manipulated. We offer customized solutions for clients to help them leverage the possibilities offered by advanced innovations in the domain of computer-human interactions.